CategoryDescriptionTarget ScaleScale ScopeOPENSMMM/ENHMODMM/ENH/MOD
AircraftLarge Scale1/321/35 or LargerAC-110AC-130
Large Scale (Propeller Driven)1/321/35 or LargerAC-121
Large Scale (Jet Propelled)1/321/35 or LargerAC-122
Medium Scale1/481/36 to 1/51AC-230
Medium Scale (Propeller Driven)1/481/36 to 1/51AC-211AC-221
Medium Scale (Jet Propelled)1/481/36 to 1/51AC-212AC-222
Small Scale1/721/52 to 1/139AC-340
Small Scale (Propeller Driven)1/721/52 to 1/139AC-311
Small Scale (Jet Propelled)1/721/52 to 1/139AC-312
Miniature Scale1/1441/140 or SmallerAC-400
Multi-Wing (Bi/Tri Planes)All ScalesAC-500
HelicoptersAll ScalesAC-600
Civil VehiclesCarsAll ScalesCV-110CV-120CV-130
Competition Race VehiclesAll ScalesCV-200
MotorcyclesAll ScalesCV-300
Truck/Plant/Farm EquipmentAll ScalesCV-410CV-440
Military VehiclesLarge1/251/30 or LargerMV-100
& EquipmentMedium1/351/31 to 1/46MV-210MV-240
Small Scale1/481/47 to 1/71MV-300
Miniature Scale1/721/72 or SmallerMV-410MV-440
Misc Military EquipmentAll SubjectsAll ScalesMME-100
FiguresLarge Scale Historic81mm or LargerFIG-110
Small Scale Historic80mm or SmallerFIG-130
Fictional - HumanoidAll ScalesFIG-201
Fictional - Non HumanoidAll ScalesFIG-202
Busts - Historic - Pre 1875All ScalesFIG-301
Busts - Historic - Post 1875All ScalesFIG-302
Busts - Fictional - HumanoidAll ScalesFIG-401
Busts - Fictional - Non HumanoidAll ScalesFIG-402
VignetteAll SubjectsAll ScalesVIG-100
WargamingSingle Figure - MilitaryAll ScalesWG-110
Single Figure - FantasyAll ScalesWG-120
SquadAll ScalesWG-200
Vehicle/EquipmentAll ScalesWG-300
ShipsLarge/Medium Scale1/450 or LargerSHIP-150
Small Scale1/451 or SmallerSHIP-300
Non PlasticAll ScalesSHIP-400
SubmarinesAll ScalesSHIP-500
Science FictionAll Subjects (excl Figures)All ScalesSF-100
FiguresAll ScalesSF-200
Star WarsAll ScalesSF-500
Real SpaceAll SubjectsAll ScalesRS-100
DiecastAll SubjectsAll ScalesDIE-100
MechaLarge Scale1/1001/100 and LargerMECH-200
Medium Scale1/1441/101 and SmallerMECH-300
Card ModelsAll SubjectsAll ScalesCARD-100
DioramaLarge MilitaryAll ScalesDIO-110
Small MilitaryAll ScalesDIO-130
CivilAll ScalesDIO-200
Large Science FictionAll ScalesDIO-310
Small Science FictionAll ScalesDIO-330
ScratchbuiltAll SubjectsAll ScalesSB-100
MiscellaneousAll SubjectsAll ScalesMIS-100
IntermediateAll SubjectsAll ScalesINT-100
JuniorAll SubjectsAll ScalesJNR-100
CategoryDescriptionTarget ScaleScale ScopeOPENSMMM/ENHMODMM/ENH/MOD