CategoryDescriptionTarget ScaleScale ScopeOPENSMMM/ENHMOD
AircraftLarge Scale1/321/35 or LargerAC101AC103
Large Scale (Propeller Driven)1/321/35 or LargerAC112
Large Scale (Jet Propelled)1/321/35 or LargerAC122
Medium Scale1/481/36 to 1/51AC203
Medium Scale (Propeller Driven)1/481/36 to 1/51AC211AC212
Medium Scale (Jet Propelled)1/481/36 to 1/51AC221AC222
Small Scale1/721/52 to 1/139AC301AC302AC303
Miniature Scale1/1441/140 or SmallerAC400
Multi-Wing (Bi/Tri Planes)1/48 or LargerAC500
Multi-Wing (Bi/Tri Planes)1/721/47 or SmallerAC510
HelicoptersAll ScalesAC601AC603
Military VehiclesLarge1/251/30 or LargerMV101MV103
& EquipmentMedium1/351/31 to 1/46MV201MV202MV203
Small Scale1/481/47 to 1/71MV301MV303
Miniature Scale1/721/72 or SmallerMV401MV403
Misc Military EquipmentAll SubjectsAll ScalesMME100
Civil VehiclesCarsAll ScalesCV101CV102CV103
Competition Race VehiclesAll ScalesCV201CV203
MotorcyclesAll ScalesCV301CV303
Truck/Plant/Farm EquipmentAll ScalesCV401CV403
FiguresLarge Scale Historical81mm or LargerFIG100
Small Scale Historical80mm or SmallerFIG110
FictionalAll ScalesFIG200
Busts HistoricalAll ScalesFIG300
Busts FictionalAll ScalesFIG310
WargamingSingle Figure FantasyAll ScalesWG100
Single Figure MilitaryAll ScalesWG110
SquadAll ScalesWG200
Vehicle/EquipmentAll ScalesWG300
ShipsLarge Scale1/250 or LargerSHIP100
Medium Scale1/3501/251 to 1/450SHIP200
Small Scale1/451 or SmallerSHIP301SHIP303
Non PlasticAll ScalesSHIP400
SubmarinesAll ScalesSHIP500
Science FictionAll Subjects (excl Figures)All ScalesSF101SF103
FiguresAll ScalesSF200
Star WarsAll ScalesSF500
Real SpaceAll SubjectsAll ScalesRS100
DiecastAll SubjectsAll ScalesDIE100
MechaAll SubjectsAll ScalesMECH103
MechaLarge Scale1/1001/100 and LargerMECH201
Medium Scale1/1441/101 and SmallerMECH301
Card ModelsAll SubjectsAll ScalesCARD100
DioramaLarge MilitaryAll ScalesDIO100
Small MilitaryAll ScalesDIO110
CivilAll ScalesDIO200
Large Science FictionAll ScalesDIO300
Small Science FictionAll ScalesDIO310
VignetteAll SubjectsAll ScalesVIG100
ScratchbuiltAll SubjectsAll ScalesSB100
MiscellaneousAll SubjectsAll ScalesMIS100
LadiesAll SubjectsAll ScalesLAD100
IntermediateAll SubjectsAll ScalesINT100
JuniorAll SubjectsAll ScalesJNR100