QSMC Competition Categories

Please note: Categories may be subject to change or combined as required by the Chief Judge.

SM - Single Medium (formerly Out of Box - OOB)
MM/ENH - Multimedia/Enhanced
MOD - Modified

Category Description Target Scale Scale Scope SM MM/ENH MOD OPEN
AircraftLarge Scale1/321/35 or largerAC-1AC-2 AC-3
 Medium Scale1/481/36 to 1/51AC-4AC-5 AC-6
 Small Scale1/721/52 to 1/139AC-7AC-8 AC-9
 Miniature1/1441/140 or smaller   AC-10
 Helicopters  AC-11 AC-12 
Military VehiclesLarge Scale1/251/30 or largerMV-1 MV-2 
 Medium Scale1/351/31 to 1/46MV-3MV-4MV-5 
 Small Scale1/481/47 to 1/71MV-6 MV-7 
 Miniature Scale1/721/72 or smallerMV-8 MV-9 
Civil VehiclesCars All ScalesCV-1CV-2CV-3 
 Competition Race Vehicles All ScalesCV-4CV-5CV-6 
 Motorcycles All ScalesCV-7 CV-8 
 Trucks & Heavy Vehicles All ScalesCV-9 CV-10 
FiguresLarge Scale Factual 81mm or larger   FIG-1
 Small Scale Factual 80mm or smaller   FIG-2
 Fictional All Scales   FIG-3
 Busts All Scales   FIG-4
WargamingSingle Figure All Scales   WG-1
 Squad All Scales   WG-2
 Vehicle/Equipment All Scales   WG-3
ShipsLarge Scale 1/250 or larger   SHIP-1
 Medium Scale1/3501/251 to 1/450   SHIP-2
 Small Scale 1/451 or smallerSHIP-3 SHIP-4 
 Non-plastic All Scales   SHIP-5
 Submarines All Scales   SHIP-6
Science FictionAll Subjects All ScalesSF-1 SF-2 
Real SpaceAll Subjects All Scales   RS
MechaAll Subjects All ScalesMECH-1MECH-2 
Card ModelsAll Subjects All Scales   CARD
DioramaLarge Military All Scales   DIO-1
 Small Military All Scales   DIO-2
 Large Civil All Scales   DIO-3
 Small Civil All Scales   DIO-4
 Science Fiction All Scales   DIO-5
VignettesAll Subjects All Scales   VIG
ScratchbuiltAll Subjects All Scales   SB
MiscellaneousAll Subjects All Scales   MIS
IntermediateAll Subjects All Scales   INT
JuniorAll Subjects All Scales   JNR
LadiesAll Subjects All Scales   LAD
Category Description Target Scale Scale Scope SM MM/ENH MOD OPEN