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QSMC Competition Categories (2017) - 2018 Categories yet TBC

Please note: Categories may be subject to change or combined as required by the Chief Judge.

SM - Single Medium (formerly Out of Box - OOB)
MM/ENH - Multimedia/Enhanced
MOD - Modified

CategoryDescriptionTarget ScaleScale ScopeSMMM/ENHMODOPEN
Aircraft Large Scale 1/32 1/35 or larger AC-1 AC-2  AC-3  
  Medium Scale 1/48 1/36 to 1/51 AC-4 AC-5  AC-6  
  Small Scale 1/72 1/52 to 1/139 AC-7 AC-8  AC-9  
  Miniature 1/144 1/140 or smaller       AC-10
  Helicopters    All scales AC-11   AC-12  
Military Vehicles Large Scale 1/25 1/30 or larger MV-1   MV-2  
  Medium Scale 1/35 1/31 to 1/46 MV-3 MV-4 MV-5  
  Small Scale 1/48 1/47 to 1/71 MV-6   MV-7  
  Miniature Scale 1/72 1/72 or smaller MV-8   MV-9  
Civil Vehicles Cars   All Scales CV-1 CV-2 CV-3  
  Competition Race Vehicles   All Scales CV-4   CV-6  
  Motorcycles   All Scales CV-7   CV-8  
  Trucks & Heavy Vehicles   All Scales CV-9   CV-10  
Figures Large Scale Factual   81mm or larger       FIG-1
  Small Scale Factual   80mm or smaller       FIG-2
  Fictional   All Scales       FIG-3
  Busts   All Scales       FIG-4
  Busts Factual   All Scales       FIG-5
Wargaming Single Figure   All Scales       WG-1
  Squad   All Scales       WG-2
  Vehicle/Equipment   All Scales       WG-3
Ships Large Scale   1/250 or larger       SHIP-1
  Medium Scale 1/350 1/251 to 1/450       SHIP-2
  Small Scale   1/451 or smaller SHIP-3   SHIP-4  
  Non-plastic   All Scales       SHIP-5
  Submarines   All Scales       SHIP-6
Science Fiction All Subjects   All Scales SF-1   SF-2  
Real Space All Subjects   All Scales       RS
Mecha All Subjects   All Scales MECH-1 MECH-2  
Card Models All Subjects   All Scales       CARD
Diorama Large Military   All Scales       DIO-1
  Small Military   All Scales       DIO-2
  Large Civil   All Scales       DIO-3
  Science Fiction   All Scales       DIO-5
Vignettes All Subjects   All Scales       VIG
Scratchbuilt All Subjects   All Scales       SB
Miscellaneous All Subjects   All Scales       MIS
Intermediate All Subjects   All Scales       INT
Junior All Subjects   All Scales       JNR
Ladies All Subjects   All Scales       LAD
CategoryDescriptionTarget ScaleScale ScopeSMMM/ENHMODOPEN